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Purely Perfect Kennelz & Cattery

A new site but I'm working on putting lots of downloads up! Updated every day!

Rank Site In Out
51 Petz 5 World
1 692
This site has closed but the home page is still open to give you a link to the new petz 5 world!!!
52 Hannah's cattery & kennels
1 1254
A Petz 5 site with many pages and a wide range of things to do, such as; adopt, enter a wide range of competitions, chat about petz5 and your real petz, participate in polls and even become a member!
53 Fire Stone Kennel
1 1004
An Active petz 5 site open since 2007
Updated regularary
1 444
55 Eating Gumdrops Petz
1 1108
We have brand new adoptions! Come see us today!
56 Petz 5 Adoption Center
1 735

This site has fun things to do such as Adoptions, Your Real Pets, Downloadable Breedz, and MORE!

57 Cklsoed(link will take you to a fanclub for animal
1 632
Closed but please visit to say goodbye(note: i was mad when i clsoe dit so you dont no what ya in for) and link takes you to our new fanlcub site thts non petz 5 realted soz
58 Fresh Breeze
1 708

This is a great site!
This is also my first pizco site, so Ive tryed my very best. I also used to own Petz 5 World! so please visit this one!!!
59 Nicole's Adoption Center
1 291
A Petz 5 adoption site that is updated a alot receiving new petz daily.It is improving,the site is soon starting Hexies, Litterz, fun for you and some more.I would be sure to check it out.
60 Puppy adoption
1 1108
This is a new site but the pic of timmy won't show up well it might.. but i only have timmy up for right now. if timmy gets adopted i will put up another dog.
61 Golden-Paws-
1 739

Small site with some adoptions, developing every day!
62 Wilder
1 272

A very new Forum! Dedicated to wolves and more! I am now hiring moderators and please apply!
63 Weeping Willow Petz
1 1247
We are new but cool we have hexed breeds and downloadbles and adoption Check us out!
64 Sunshineadoption
1 748
A adoption site for all top breedz (100% reccomended!!!)
65 Northern Lights Petz-2-
1 248
Brand New Adoptions and Great New Horse Breedz!!
66 Aquarius Petz Camp
1 294

Welcome to Aquarius Petz Camp, the place to send your petz while you are away! My real name is Paige, but I am known as Angoracat in the Petz Community. To send your pet to me to make sure you don't
67 KoolPetz
1 560
It has a lot of puppies and really good not aggressive cats. There are a lot of show petz that are really good. And also there is really good pics.
68 Acid Trip
1 55

Petz 5 site that offers many adoptables, downloadables, contests, and many other awesome features! Focusing on the Muttlies Breed, but ventures into many other breedz. Home to the Moonoracle breedz fi
69 Rave
0 439

RAVE is a small site with adoptions and more. We used to be Cookie Whore. Please visit!
70 Glory Petz
0 281
Glory Petz is a Petz 5 Website that has all huskys! small but getting better!
71 Eclipse Kennel
0 294
A cute petz 5 website were you can find adoptions, litterz, and fun contests to play^_^ Please come in and take a look!
72 AllThingsvamp
0 171
plz go here and become a member plz
73 Carrah
0 215
A New forum still getting all the shwos sorted out but its all worth the wait!.

Come on Join and be in fooooor FUN!
74 Doggy Pawz
0 432

This is a Dogz 5 site we also haev petz 4.We have adoptions,Litters,Downloads,Cats,WE R UPDATED.We have shows and more VISIT TODAY!!
75 Regretted Roses
0 434
We may not have a lot of downloaded breeds and just the originals of the game, but we still have many unique mixes that need to be adopted!

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