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Site Of the Moment:
Sunny's All Petz Rescue
We are new, but still cool. We have our own showz,adoptions, and breeding. PLUS RAFFLES! So come on down and bring home a new BFF!

Rank Site In Out
51 animal kingdom
0 170
pink and green with white sparkles and red hearts.
animals everywhere.
52 Aparox showing forum
0 221
This is my friends' forum, but it still deserves to be up on here.It's still under contruction,but it will be very good once it's finished. =D
53 Fancy Pupz
0 234
about petz 5
54 rainbow kennel
0 226
This site has got over 40 adoptions up for grabs! At the moment and i have competitions, breeds made by me and more! Come to visit here today,,, *(After All Its Free)*
55 Regretted Roses
0 435
We may not have a lot of downloaded breeds and just the originals of the game, but we still have many unique mixes that need to be adopted!
56 Rave
0 440

RAVE is a small site with adoptions and more. We used to be Cookie Whore. Please visit!
57 Sttarz
0 155
We are a new site link to Froggers kennel. Here you can Adopt,Trade, Get new breeds, Send your petz off to camp and much, Much more so come and check it out.
58 Mandy's Foster Kennel
0 273

Fostering,adoptions soon!! Become a foster parent subscribe to my site!!!!!!
59 Spot Stop Kennels
0 291
A site based on the Petz 5 game, there are adoptions, show, contests, and even a sire and dame service! So come vist today and show off YOUR spots!
60 Australian Mountains
0 546

lots of champion breeding,agility dogs,conformation shows, adoptions MANY dog breeds!! Mostly Australian shepherd breeding and lineage.
61 Aperture Kennels
0 332
We're new, but we have exotic pets ^^
62 dream petz
0 308
Now this sites bigger and better than ever
63 Murphys-Addoptions-Centre
0 208
Get your dream puppy here! hurry before they all go!
64 The Petz 5 Adoption Centre
0 490

The best adoption Site ever taking requests up to 10 generations! Requests for dogz or catz can be age, obviously breed, Adult, etc.... You can even give your friend a pet!
65 Premium Rat Terriers
0 270
I Have Rat terriers, Azule Cattle dogs,
66 Capri-Sun-Kennel
0 274

Over 20 adoptions per couple of weeks. Competitions, Shows, Breeds, Find Its, And more!!! Come and enjoy your stay, at Capri-Sun-Kennel today! :D ^^ Old owner of RainbowKennel!
67 Pawsome Petz
0 652

find breedz toyz and clothing
you can adpot MY petz that I breed
68 secret gardens
0 258

Great forum, friendly service Shows, Competitions, adoptions and more!!!
69 Blue Gecko
0 216
A small adoption site only specialises in the breeds thta came with the game ;) plz visit
70 froggers P5 Fanclub
0 105
hiya this is yet another one of my sites(i own froggers kennel) here you can advertise ur site and advertise adoptions plz visit
71 VikiPetz
0 429

A site for petz 5 where you can download stuff, request litters, and adopt petz.
72 Doodles Kennels and Cattery
0 117

This site is for Breeds Adoptions and much more grand reopining (used to be monarch kennels) and every thing fits on ONE page so please stop by:)
73 Little Drummer Boy Camp
0 352
Come and put your petz, or babyz, in camp for as long as you like!
0 58
petz 5 for adoption!! You can adopt cute and adorable petz 5 free!!
75 ak/lw
0 61
This is a very fun forum it has showz,adoptions,jobs and more but one problem no members please join!!!!

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