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Site Of the Moment:

New Litters Comming soon!
I have two litters up for adoption but hurry before they all go! Ooohhh and I also free for frosters thanks

Rank Site In Out
1 MMORPG warofhell game
622 914

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

2 Pine Cone Cattery & Kennel
420 14823

A huge site with everything you need for your Petz game. Come have a look, there is lots to see and do.
3 StephsKennelz&Cattery
61 5108
StephsKennelz&Cattery offers adoptions for the petz 5 game only. I try to update my site everyday and I am debating on whether or not to do shows. Come in and check out the petz :)
4 StephsMeezLand
46 2158
A petz 5 site for the Siamese breed, it will have other petz up from time to time.
5 Pettz Kennelz & Cattery!
36 1627
Pettz 2.0 is redone from three years ago! Is updated at least every two weeks. Here we have adoptions, breeds, and a whole lot more! So come stop by, and be sure to leave with a new pet!
6 Petz 5 Rescuez & Adoptionz
24 4217

I Have Been Locked Out Of My Site For A year Now I Just Got Back In. Sorry For Not Emailing Anyone The Petz Adoptions.I Still Have Them.I Have Just Done Some Major Major Updates. Come Check It Out.
7 Forever Love Petz Forum
23 1777
FLP has adoptions, services, projects, shows, games, contests and much more! Join today for an awesome time!
8 Dianes Kennelz
20 2871

A petz 5 site loaded with adoptions, litters, freebies, rescues, shows and lots more. We also have wildz like hamsterz, fancy ratz, gerbilz. Add your site in Free for All Links.
9 KJ Petz
20 3175

An ultimate site for breedz, adoptions, and litter requests!!
10 Oddity
17 972
We're pretty much just an adoption site so check us out :DD
11 Alaskan Heights Kennels
17 3879

At AHK we breed purely CK Huskies (breedfile made by Cheetah Kennels). We have a variety of adoptable puppies and even have a place for you to advertise your own site!
12 Planetarium Petz
16 2796

Adopt tons of petz. Some shows
13 Petz 5 Happy Haven
15 2069

A very Petzy site with lots of adoptions, a meet the crew, showz and very soon Request a litter. Updated very regulary.
14 Moonshine K&C
10 1138

Moonshine K&C is mostly a Petz 5 site where you can find hexed breeds, pets, and much more.
15 Lucky Penny Kennels
8 174

Lucky Penny Kennels specializes in Dalmatians and Dali mixes. Come on and visit!
16 rainbowcornflake
7 2470

No longer a hex archive due to lost files. Now have adoptions and breeds and soon more.
17 Pawz Kennelz
6 602

A new site with adoptions, petz academy, downloadz, games, and more!
18 Petz 5 Center
6 1318
This Site Has Adoptionz,Toyz,Playscenez,And Skinz For Your Carry Case! More Coming Soon!
Enjoy! :D
19 Dogz Rainbow Kennelz
4 181

Contests for both Dogz and Catz, Adoptionz and much more! For Petz 5 lovers!
20 Dogz5Kennelz
2 1600

Welcome to dogz5kennelz! Adopt puppies of all breeds and mixes for petz5! We also just completly renovated our site!
21 The Yellow Raven~
1 225
The Yellow Raven is a site for adoptionz, breedz, and more!
22 Cklsoed(link will take you to a fanclub for animal
1 636
Closed but please visit to say goodbye(note: i was mad when i clsoe dit so you dont no what ya in for) and link takes you to our new fanlcub site thts non petz 5 realted soz
23 Happy Petz Breeding Centre
1 532
Dog and Cat adoptions, A Petz Camp, A Rescue Service, A Breeding Camp, A Pregnancy Camp and lots more! New Page:Labradoodles!
24 Petz 5 World
1 703
This site has closed but the home page is still open to give you a link to the new petz 5 world!!!
1 446

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