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Site Of the Moment:
The Yellow Raven~
The Yellow Raven is a site for adoptionz, breedz, and more!

Rank Site In Out
1 MMORPG warofhell game
622 899

MMORPG free online game warofhell.com
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

2 Pine Cone Cattery & Kennel
396 14760

A huge site with everything you need for your Petz game. Come have a look, there is lots to see and do.
3 SnR
220 11654

Petz 5 site.
Lots of downloads, puppies, kittenz, skinz and playsecenes. Playscene commissions by e-mail
4 StephsKennelz&Cattery
59 5073
StephsKennelz&Cattery offers adoptions for the petz 5 game only. I try to update my site everyday and I am debating on whether or not to do shows. Come in and check out the petz :)
5 Petz 4 Eva
55 10326

A fairly new site with great adoptions and hexies. Updated regularly
6 StephsMeezLand
46 2142
A petz 5 site for the Siamese breed, it will have other petz up from time to time.
7 To Tremble So...
43 6064

We are a Petz 5 site. We offer many downloadable adoptions, shows, and soon we are going to offer contests. You should check us out!
8 Pettz Kennelz & Cattery!
34 1606
Pettz 2.0 is redone from three years ago! Is updated at least every two weeks. Here we have adoptions, breeds, and a whole lot more! So come stop by, and be sure to leave with a new pet!
9 FancyPuppys
33 8259

A Petz 5 site with Dog AND Cat adoptions, litters, breeds, couples, and more! Please check it out and evn adopt a pet because we are always getting new adoptions!
10 Forever Love Petz Forum
23 1764
FLP has adoptions, services, projects, shows, games, contests and much more! Join today for an awesome time!
11 Standard Pixels
22 2069
Formerly P5A, Standard Pixels is starting to get a bit better. It may take a while as I'm sorry, but my coding is disgusting. xD
12 Petz 5 Rescuez & Adoptionz
22 4181

I Have Been Locked Out Of My Site For A year Now I Just Got Back In. Sorry For Not Emailing Anyone The Petz Adoptions.I Still Have Them.I Have Just Done Some Major Major Updates. Come Check It Out.
13 Perculiar Petz
21 1668

A Site dedicated to catz 5 with shows adoptions and lots more to come check us out :)
14 KJ Petz
20 3156

An ultimate site for breedz, adoptions, and litter requests!!
15 Tailz N Wagz
20 2517

We may be new but we have adoptions and updated at least once every 2 days!!!!!!!!!
16 Lovely Petz Adoptions
18 914
A new website to adopt petz from the petz 5 games! Come on by and check it out!
17 Alaskan Heights Kennels
17 3856

At AHK we breed purely CK Huskies (breedfile made by Cheetah Kennels). We have a variety of adoptable puppies and even have a place for you to advertise your own site!
18 Oddity
17 961
We're pretty much just an adoption site so check us out :DD
19 Dianes Kennelz
15 2844

A petz 5 site loaded with adoptions, litters, freebies, rescues, shows and lots more. We also have wildz like hamsterz, fancy ratz, gerbilz. Add your site in Free for All Links.
20 Freedom Kennelz
15 4229

Lots of adoptions. Good friendly site, always updated, just what you want!! Great adoptions constantly, needing homes. Please check it out!
21 Planetarium Petz
15 2784

Adopt tons of petz. Some shows
22 Kingdom of Kritterz
13 1225

We are an active Petz 5 website, so please come check us out! Always plenty to look at!
23 Crystal Springs Cattery
13 2840

Crystal Springs has catz and dogz for adoption.
We may have hexies and other downloads soon too.
This is a very new site so it will change alot.
24 Petz 5 Happy Haven
12 2053

A very Petzy site with lots of adoptions, a meet the crew, showz and very soon Request a litter. Updated very regulary.
25 Rivveria
10 1685

A New site with plenty to offer , Adoptions , Cliques , Shows and Plenty more . Come and Check it out!

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